Consciousness & Self-Inquiry I Constantine Georgiou & Ola Radka I SWS Podcast Episode 2

Consciousness & Self-Inquiry I Constantine Georgiou & Ola Radka I SWS Podcast Episode 2

Constantine Georgiou is a serial entrepreneur, venture and consciousness hacker. He has launched and designing startups, incubators, accelerators and Venture Capital firms. Impacting over 400 startups in Australia through boot camps and incubation programs that build better founders and startups.

After struggling for many years with trauma and anxiety, despite external successes, Constantine decided to dig deep into ending suffering by exploring the nature of subjective reality through various protocols supported by NeuroTech.

After over 20 years of experimentation and devotion, he discovered joy, bliss and happiness for no reason, is the ground of our being, HeartMind is how it is expressed. This led to great liberation that impacted life, relationships, business and sense of Self.

After his own successful venture which was acquired for its conscious, innovative and engaged culture, he began to track the relationship between conscious leadership and business success and discovered that conscious leadership teams are more successful in the long run.

His mission is to quantifiably enlighten Leadership in the world in order to shift the workplace into a context for nurturing and support whilst achieving unlimited success without suffering.

Now The Conscious Accelerator brings unique methods and technology to enlightenment in business for a more compassionate, creative and collaborative world. Therefore, accelerating the revolution to HeartMind – A shift from local to global awareness.

In our conversation, we discussed such topics like consciousness, awakened awareness, non-duality and being true to yourself. Reconnecting with the true nature of who you seem to be the only way to stay not only sane but to have a happy life in the times we live in.

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