Trauma informed yoga

This evidence-based yoga practice will help you to...

Learn to regulate your emotions

Build resilience and confidence

How trauma informed yoga classes work

Each yoga class is designed based on these six trauma informed principles.
  1. Safety – each class provides a psychologically and physically safe environment.

  2. Trust and transparency – each class includes a breathing practice, yoga poses, and a short meditation. All of these practices are an invitation and you can always choose not to them if that doesn’t resonate with you on a given day. My belief is that you are an expert in your mind, body, and your experiences. In the trauma informed yoga practice students are encouraged to remember about their personal agency every step of the way.

  3. Empowerment and choice – each class offers plenty of various options to meet everyone’s unique needs. You can choose whatever feels good for you at a given moment.

  4. Collaboration – each class starts with a check-in. I’m always open to hearing your feedback and learning more about your specific needs.

  5. Refraining from hand-on assist.

  6. Respect for diversity – all cultures welcome. 


Your trauma informed yoga teacher


Ola has been always fascinated by the mind and body connection.

Her love of the mind and the body led her to finish a trauma informed yoga teacher training with The Yoga Impact Charity in 2022. Since then she has been helping people reconnect with their bodies in a healthy way to promote self-regulation and healing.

She is also a qualified hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She has won immense praise for her private coaching as well practical workshops across Australia and Europe.

These various modalities help Ola cultivate her passion to be of service to others and help them overcome trauma, pain, and fears. 

How to get started

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