Business Results Through
Personal Transformation.

Would you like to make an even bigger impact with your clients and customers?

Do you feel that you have much greater potential than you’re able to show on the outside?

Or perhaps you want to get the best out of your most important assets – your employees?

Whatever the issue is, at Start with Self we believe you and your team have all the resources within you to start getting the results you want immediately. You just need a strategic reminder of how to access them.

Start with Self workshops help you and your teams connect with those resources and use them so that you welcome the changes you wish to see in your professional and personal life, faster and in a way that stays with you forever.

If you don’t see a workshop you want, please get in touch and we can discuss the specific needs of your staff or audience members.

Popular Workshops

Self-Confidence Workshop

Your self-confidence has an enormous impact on your professional and personal life. It affects what you see as possible and impossible for yourself to achieve. This highly practical workshop will give you the frameworks, techniques and tools to genuinely improve your self-confidence in a deeply sustainable way.

Communication Masterclass

Consciously or unconsciously we are always communicating. Learning how to use verbal and non-verbal language effectively to your advantage is an incredibly valuable skill that will open you and your business to new levels of possibility.

Captivate your Audience

Imagine if you could effortlessly motivate your staff without them feeling any pressure; use the full power of your words to inspire others towards mutually successful goals; and sell your ideas in a way that your audience never feels like you were selling at all.

Creative Intelligence and your Mind

Unleash your inner resources of creativity and open yourself to new ideas that will take your professional and personal life to a whole new level. This workshop is fun and playful. It will open your mind to new ways of thinking about yourself, your business and the world.

Re-Awaken Your Inner Power

Any change that you want to make in your life starts with you. It starts with a thought and a vision. And you have everything you need within yourself to make your vision a reality. You have all the resources you need, and thanks to Start with Self you will learn how to access and use them.

Stress Management Workshop

No matter what position you hold staying calm and mindful under pressure is an invaluable skill that anyone can master with appropriate training. Nurturing your inner peace will help you create more balance in your professional and personal life.


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