Re-Awaken Your Inner Power

Any change that you want to make in your life starts with you. It starts with a thought and a vision. And you have everything you need within yourself to make your vision a reality. You have all the resources you need, and thanks to Start with Self you will learn how to access and use them.

You will benefit from this course if you are…

  • A manager who wants to create a clear and inspiring vision for yourself and your team

  • Wanting to overcome confusion about your next career move

  • A leader who wants to be more authentic in the way you build your business

  • Interested in enhancing your performance through your continuous personal development

By the end of this course you will learn to…

  • Reconnect with your inner power through guided meditations

  • Use timeline exercises to increase your self-confidence and better manage stress

  • Effectively set goals with powerful NLP techniques

  • Unlock the power of your mind by understanding how it works

  • Achieve your goals more efficiently through advanced visualisation and linguistic techniques


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