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Business Results Through Personal Transformation

Would you like to make an even bigger impact for your clients and customers?

Do you feel that you have much greater potential than you’re able to show on the outside?

Or perhaps you want to get the best out of your most important assets - your employees?

Whatever the issue is, at Start with Self we believe you and your team have all the resources within you to start getting the results you want immediately. You just need a strategic reminder of how to access them.

Start with Self training programs help you and your teams connect with those resources and use them so that you welcome the changes you wish to see in your professional and personal life, faster and in a way that stays with you forever.

If you don’t see a workshop you want, please get in touch and we can discuss the specific needs of your staff or audience members.

In whatever area you or your business needs help in, we can guide you on the way to create the life and success you want and deserve by starting with your inner capabilities and resources.

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Testimonials & Recommendations

Ola holds the space so beautifully and I feel empowered to manage a couple of big life changes that are coming up in the very near future based on the exercises we did in the workshop today!

Thank you sincerely Ola for this beautiful workshop and the gratitude journey we embarked on with you! It was a beautiful experience.

- Melissa O’Connor

I am thoroughly glad I participated in Ola's Start with Self course. It was just in time as I was looking for a new position for work. The self awareness and language techniques I learnt in this course helped me to receive 3 solid job offers within 3 weeks. Pretty cool stuff!

- Ehsan Rahimi

I arrived at the session unsure of what to expect, even unsure if I was in the right mind frame for the day to be beneficial. I was genuinely, profoundly affected by the guided meditations, visualisations, and journaling we completed. I walked away feeling light, positive and supported. Thank you Ola, you are very special. Looking forward to future workshops in Sydney!

- Leah Moffa

“I recently attended Ola's "Re-awaken Your Inner Power" workshop and it was an incredible experience. She creates an amazingly safe and positive environment for everyone.

This combined with the exercises and Ola's gentle yet clear guidance allows you to learn about yourself and develop a strong, positive mindset.

I would highly recommend these workshops for anyone looking to excel spiritually and mentally in order to achieve your further goals in life. Can't wait for the next one!

- Reuben Pannu

“Ola is very good at holding space and lead us on a journey that helped us explore our present and shape our future. Along with helping us realise what we really wanted to achieve, she also helped us shape how we would achieve these goals.

We felt re-charged and awakened after the workshop. In addition to that, Ola helped us understand the different drives and desires that direct us in our everyday lives…”

- Michael Brunac

“I attended Ola's "Re-Awaken your Inner Power" workshop a few days ago and absolutely loved it! Ola has a gentle nature and voice that guided us through the meditation in a very soothing way.

It's incredible how having a positive mindset can impact our lives so much.”

- Jennifer Promenzio

“Recently, I asked Ola to use NLP for help with one of my success blockers. Through her amazing session, I was able to pinpoint the part of my subconscious that was out of balance, and over the next few days resolution occurred.

Ola was someone who I immediately felt comfortable with, and she was caring and very professional. I can see the incredible benefit of using this type of approach to attend to residual inappropriate conditioning that no longer serves and to enhance personal and professional development. Thank you so much Ola!”

- Karen Kertesz

“Ola's incredible abilities to combine Eastern and Western techniques to gently guide you through a deeply intimate and emotional self-reflection is a true testament to her own years of practice and experience.

Thank you Ola for helping me help myself! I look forward to hearing about all of your workshops and events!”

- Kamaron Arthur

“Ola’s coaching session was magical. It really helped unlock internal conflict and helped me make a value based decision. I genuinely benefited from Starting with the self and would recommend it to anyone and everyone.”

- Dheera Jain