Michael Brunac

We attended Ola's "Re-Awaken Your Inner Power" workshop a few weeks ago and we were very satisfied with the content of the workshop and the outcomes that we achieved. It was quite a transformative experience in the space of just a few short hours! Ola is very good at holding space and lead us on a journey that helped us explore our present and shape our future, quite literally as we were able to map out 10-year goals for ourselves during this workshop!

Along with helping us realise what we really wanted to achieve, she also helped us shape how we would achieve these goals. We felt re-charged and awakened after the workshop. In addition to that, Ola helped us understand the different drives and desires that direct us in our everyday lives, and that we must be mindful of which drives we feed and which we neglect!

I would highly recommend this workshop or another one of Ola's workshops if you are interested in learning more about Neuro Linguistic Processing (NLP) or simply interested in learning more about your potential.