What is coaching?

Coaching is the practice of utilising a set of strategies, tools and techniques in supporting you to achieve your greatest potential. Trained and qualified coaches, like myself, do this by helping you clearly identify what you truly want; what unconscious blocks prevent you from moving towards those goals; and laying out a clear action plan to help you close that gap.

Is coaching for you?

If you are reading this, it may mean that you are suffering from some sort of discomfort in your life, or you want to have a more fulfilled life than you do at the moment. You feel desperately ready to take the next steps on your life’s journey, but you feel overwhelmingly held back from making even your first move.

Sometimes it is really hard to uncover the cause of your own suffering or stagnation. I know this feeling very well. You keep reading various self-help books and doing exercises that are recommended there but they just don’t seem to be working. To heal some issues, you need to go really deep, to the very core of the matter, and that’s when help and support of a qualified and compassionate coach is essential.

Perhaps you are generally happy with your life, yet there's a niggling feeling that you could do so much more with your blessings, to have more and also to give more back to others. And you would like to take the next steps on the path of your life development. Really, there are no limits to our potential, but sometimes you need someone who can help you get a clear vision and realise precisely what changes you need to take the quality of your life to the next level.

What can you expect to get from working with a coach?

When we begin working together, I will first help you get super clear on your desired outcomes. Often what we think we want is a fuzzy misrepresentation of what we're actually looking to get from our lives at any given point in time. Understanding our deeper desires helps us create an action plan that we are automatically excited and motivated to work on.

After just a couple of sessions, you'll begin to feel more true to yourself, understanding your innate drives and most honest desires with greater clarity. This will in turn help us identify and understand the unconscious blocks that have prevented you from moving forward towards your true goals.

Within a few months of coaching, having unblocked many of your unconscious obstacles, you will feel a greater sense of balance and harmony across the different areas of your life: relationships, wealth, career, health, etc. You'll not only have a clear sense of what to do next, but an increased level of energy and drive to improve the quality of your life, beyond resolving the issues you may have first come to work on.

The most successful leaders in the world, in various fields and domains, know that a coaching relationship goes far beyond resolving one or two specific problems. When you work with a coach consistently for a couple of years, you truly begin to appreciate that the limits we perceive are typically created in our minds, and when you start with self - to work on crafting a perfect inner world, what you can achieve in your outer world becomes infinitely limitless.

How did I become a coach?

Throughout my teens and into my early 20s, I increasingly felt more and more unhappy with my life. I stuttered, couldn't find a life partner, felt stuck and generally just didn't know what to do with myself. At the same time, I felt that there was a hidden power inside me that could do literally everything I was dreaming of, but for a long time I didn't really believe in myself enough to take any meaningful action.

Through some combination of divine intervention and finding myself at the right places at the right times, I was lucky enough to meet various coaches, mentors, healers and therapists along my journey who guided me to where I am today.

From obsessively reading personal development and spirituality books, to attending a wide range of courses and continuing to work with my own coaches and healers, I evolved my thinking and perception of myself and the Universe. As my life continues to bloom in the most beautiful ways, I want to share these gifts with you. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing someone embrace their inner power.

How to get started

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